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Across the world thousands of lives are saved every year by the greatest gift of all – organ donation. The World Transplant Games  Federation helps celebrate these new lives by staging the worlds largest event for transplantation – the World Transplant Games.

We are offering recipients from all around the world an opportunity to help promote the importance of organ donation by posting messages of thanks on our new Transplant Thank You Blog.

Get inspired – record your thanks in a way that is meaningful to you.

Welcome Video:

How it works:
You can send us your Art work, Audio Clips, Photos, Poetry, Videos, Written Story, or whatever works for you by clicking on the image below. Please give us your name and country in the ‘Message’ section.

The e-mail address you will need is


All content will be reviewed prior to posting it on the Blog. When posted you will find it under the headings above.

This blog will be a permanent reminder of the generosity of organ donors, both living and deceased and the indication of the transplant profession to give their patients a new lease of life.

This blog is kindly managed by the Irish Kidney Association and Transplant Australia on behalf of the World Transplant Games Federation


9 Responses to Start Here

  1. Thank you Colin White for sharing this with me, I’ll post to it very shortly & will share with my fellow transplant recipient friends.

  2. Derrick Pillay says:

    So blessed and thankful to all donors and donor families for their brave and unselfish decision to donate the gift of life.God bless you

  3. This will be a wonderful way to honor our true heroes, donors and donor families! Thank you to my donor Dale and his family for making the decision that saved my life. Forever grateful

  4. Jim Callahan says:

    Very thankful to my two donor families!! People are so giving in such a time of grief that it shows how God is working through them to help us…….so blessed to have a new kidney-pancreas in 1990 and a new heart in 2012!!!!!

  5. Pam Gerlach says:

    Very nice way to let the world know how Thankful each of us are for those who donate. My kidney transplant just celebrated 20 years with me and I always Thank my Mom for giving me life TWICE!

  6. Tersia Smit says:

    ‘Thank you’ is too small a word to express a recipient’s sincerest gratitude! My utmost praise goes to my Creator, my donor, donor family and my biggest supporter and dearest husband and family for standing by me for 8 extra miracle years. Forever grateful and so blessed!

  7. dear friends, thank you for this great idea- The Austrian transplant sports federation will share it too.

  8. Peter says:

    A huge thank you to my donor family for the chance at more time with my incredible children. Only those who have received can truly understand this incredible gift.

  9. here is a poem that i think expresses what my son who donated his organs would say if he could to his recipients ……………..
    no thanks is needed,my gift was freely given,
    i do not need my body now in heaven.
    i wish you health and happiness in your life, many years without worry or strife.
    my gift to you is my legacy,
    so live your life ,thats enough to thank me.

    in memory of my dear son noel, aged 37 who gave hope to 3 people after he died whilst waiting for a lung transplant.
    forever loved, forever in our hearts x

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